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South Jersey is an awesome place to vacation. Every year families flock to the Jersey Shore from the major cities. It’s a perfect vacation location since it is only an hour from the the cities. Big families make the Jersey Shore a yearly family tradition. Generation after generation bring their kids to the shore to create new memories every year. Families change and add and lose members over time. When a new member joins a family or an older member moves on, families start thinking of finding a photographer for a new family portrait. We have been photographing families for years. Let’s look at a few great cities for family beach portraits we’ve found as Jersey Shore photographers.

NJ Beach Photography

All the Jersey Shore photographers know the beach is the prime location for family portraits. The beach is what makes our area the best. Families love the idea of having their photos taken on the beach. Having a portrait taken on the beach can be tricky if you aren’t used to it. The idea sounds great, but reality can be difficult. You have to work around time, lighting, wind, temperature, and possible bugs. Yes there are lots of things to consider with a beach photo. The end result though makes it all worth it. NJ beach photography only works if you take the advice of the photographer. If you can’t schedule during the time the photographer recommends then don’t expect as great of results.

There is a huge difference between 7 and 7:30 PM. Anything before 6 PM is a nightmare. People are still on the beach, the temperature is still hot, and the sun is still blasting. No matter which direction you face everyone will be squinting. Take the advice of the photographer and schedule your photo shoot at 7:30-8 PM. You won’t regret it.

South Jersey Photographers

LBI Family Photography

We are so excited to photograph families in Long Beach Island, NJ. Jessica is our awesome photographer who covers LBI. The towns we serve with LBI family photography are:

  • Barnegat Light
  • Loveladies
  • Harvey Cedars
  • North Beach
  • Surf City
  • Ship Bottom
  • Brant Beach
  • Beach Haven Gardens
  • North Beach Haven
  • Beach Haven
  • Holgate

Basically we cover the whole LBI island. If you vacation in LBI NJ and need a family photographer for beach portraits make sure you contact us today.

Ocean City – Cape May Family Photography

Our original location is Ocean City NJ. Andy Macpherson covers from Ocean City NJ down to Cape May. We have a couple assistants that work with us as well. It’s so interesting how each town is a little bit different. You would think that each beach in NJ would look pretty much the same. It’s nice to be able to go to different towns and photograph in a different location. It keeps things interesting for us. Keeps us on our creative toes. Cape May is one of our favorite locations for family photography. It has a romantic vibe and is the only location in South Jersey with a great view of the sunset.

When you are looking for Jersey Shore photographers make sure you contact us today for our full family photography price list! Dates during the summer fill up fast so the sooner you start planning a family photography session the better.