Family Photography in North Beach Haven NJ

family photography in north beach haven nj

One reason we have many families come back year after year is how we relate to kids and small children. When you are vacationing LBI and are trying to find a family photographer it can be tough to choose. Dealing with kids on vacation can be tough. They are usually off their normal schedule and in vacation mode. Trying to round them all up and dress them can be a crazy task. Then you have to hope the photographer you choose is great with kids. We can relate all of our photographers have young kids of their own and know how to relate to kids and toddlers. Especially if they are shy or unsure of a new person. We work very hard with the little ones for your family photography in North Beach Haven NJ.

family photography in north beach haven nj

Family Photography in North Beach Haven NJ

During a normal family photography session we like to capture some posed photographs and some candid shots. If the kids and toddlers take time to get familiar with us that is perfectly fine. In that situation we would just have you play with the kids to loosen them up. We aren’t on a strict time schedule so don’t feel rushed.

If we have to run around on the beach for a few minutes that’s no problem. We will be capturing candid photos at that point. Providing family photography in North Beach Haven NJ over the years, we have run into every circumstance possible.

Tips for Photographing Kids on The Beach

We know you want to get the best photo of your children possible. As parents it can be frustrating when a child is not cooperating. Which leads to getting annoyed and confrontational. At home it’s fine, kids get on your nerves, we know we have kids too. In this situation we have a technique we like to use.

We will take the kids just far enough away that you aren’t in earshot. This helps because the kids are no longer focused on arguing or giving an attitude to the parent. We are professionals and if we can photograph the kids without the distraction of the parents we can capture some amazing shots. You can still see us and are still right there, we just go far enough away that the kids are focused on the photographer.

Family Photography on the Beach

We have years of experience photographing families on the beach in North Beach Haven. We know how to get the best photos and the best techniques to use. As you plan your family portrait session keep in mind that we will be on the beach. We are out in the elements and are at the mercy of the weather. Be prepared for everything. When you are picking outfits think about if it is windy. Will your outfit be flapping everywhere. Last year there was a really popular dress shirt that had a ruffle around the neckline. Every time the wind blew the flap would flap up and there was no way to keep it down.

Keep your hairstyle in mind. We know it takes some time to get your hair just right. When you get out on the beach it won’t matter anymore. Everyone should plan on a wind blown look from the start. The beach also has a lot of humidity. If you have hair that puffs in humidity then don’t prepare your like you will be staying inside. Going for a natural look is much better then spending hours preparing.

It seems like every summer there are families that schedule beach sessions but don’t realize we are photographing on the beach. You do not get the same feel or results as a studio. There are no bathrooms with mirrors you can use. Just be aware. plan on having a natural laid back time and you will have a great experience.

Schedule a Family Portrait in North Beach Haven NJ

If you are looking for family photography in North Beach Haven NJ on LBI then contact us today and we will send you our price list. We look forward to hearing from you!