What Is The Best Time For Family Photos in OC NJ

Whats the Best time for Family Photos

What is the Best Time for Family Photos in OC NJ

One of the most important decisions you need to make for successful family portraits is finding out the best time for family photos in OC NJ. Too early in the evening and the sun will still be high. Even around dinner time the sun is still blasting and the beaches are still full. Late evening is always better, let’s list the reasons a late evening photo shoot is the best time for family photos.

Why Late Evening is the Best Time for Family Photos

  1. The light is softer
  2. The beach is empty
  3. It’s cooler

The light makes all the difference in a photo. Theres a saying in photography that its better to have a bad location with good light than a good location with bad light. You can be in a beautiful location like the beach in Ocean City NJ and if the light is harsh and everyone is hot and miserable and squinting it’s not going to matter where you are. But if you combine soft light and a great OC location the photos will turn out great.

What time in the Evening is Best

This depends on what month you are coming to Ocean City. The longest day of the year is June 21st. The sun sets at 8:30 PM in Ocean City on June 21st. That makes the golden hour for photos 8:30 to 9:30. That is a little late for a family shoot, especially for little kids. The latest we’ll start is 7:30. After June 21st the days start getting shorter so by August we like to start around 6:30-7. Once September rolls around we are starting at 6-6:30.

This site is a great resource for see what time the sun sets during your vacation. https://sunrise-sunset.org/us/ocean-city-nj

Is Sunrise a Good Time For Photos

Yes sunrise is a great time for family photos. But in the summer since the days are longer the sunrise is very early. Most people don’t want to start photographing around 5:30 – 6 AM. We will photograph in the mornings but keep in mind it will be extremely early. If you think 7 AM would be a good start time, remember the sun has already been up for 2 hours. That is the same as photographing 2 hours before sunset. On an average day that would be roughly 5 PM.

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Best time for family photos in OC NJ

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What is the best time for Family Photos in Ocean City NJ