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We love photographing senior portraits. It is a fun relaxing shoot where we can get creative with the subject. recently there has been a resurgence of creative senior portrait sessions and we are super excited about it. If your looking for a creative senior portrait photographer then make sure you contact us for all our information!

What to expect for your session

Our senior portrait sessions last about an hour and we go over a few different shots and poses. Out fit changes are great and encouraged. Let’s capture all the important aspects of life! We start usually with some easy posed head shots in a nice outfit. This helps break the ice and get in a flow where we get to know each other and relax.

After an outfit change we’ll get creative with locations and backgrounds. You might be into sports or music, or whatever your hobby we are ready to get some awesome shots. We don’t have much of a limit when it comes to a senior portrait session. around the hour mark everyone starts getting fatigued so we like to wrap it up around that time.

We love photographing at unique and different locations to get some interesting shots. If you have some ideas you would like to try we would welcome it!

We welcome seniors from

And all the other high schools in this area.

Here are a few examples from senior portrait shoots…

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