Is September the best month for beach photos

September Family Portrait

September Family Portrait

Is September the best month for beach photos?

If you’re around Ocean City NJ for long enough you’ll start hearing about September being the best month of the year. Yes you’ll hear all the locals saying phrases like “only 3 more weeks till Labor Day” and “pretty soon it will be September, wink wink”. But is there really that big of a difference from the summer months of June, July and August compared to September? Short answer is yes! September is sometimes referred to as the locals summer. The whole town feels totally different, there is a whole nother vibe. The weekends are still crowded with shoobies catching the last few days of summer, but once Monday comes the town is empty, finally available to any local who wants to venture out and enjoy the area. So let’s answer is September the best month for beach photos!

September weather in Ocean City NJ.

Even the weather starts drastically changing in September. Beach days are still nice and hot but once the sun starts setting you might want to have a hoodie handy. September is a time to turn off the air conditioners and open all the windows. The cool air at night makes for perfect sleeping weather, and with all the windows open you can sleep to the sounds of the ocean. 

Sunsets look a lot different in September. The sun has shifted a little and the sun sets quicker. There are even different hues and colors to the sunset. Since a lot of the humidity is gone the colors don’t get filtered through the haze. It’s a clear, clean looking sunset. 

There’s a good possibility of rain from tropical storms coming up the coast in September. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the weather and what the hurricane systems are doing in Florida. We are about three days away from rain and swell once a system hits Florida. Just something to keep in mind if you do happen to have a weekend or a whole week in September to stay in Ocean City. 

Is September a good time for portraits?

Let’s get to the real question. Is September a good month for photos in OC? Yes it is. But remember the sun sets early and faster. And it also can be rather chilly if we get some cooler weather. September is one of my favorite months to photograph on the beach. The pros far outweigh the cons. 

The beach is always empty. The sunsets look amazing. The weather is cooler so no one is sweating like crazy. It’s a great time for portraits in Ocean City.

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Is September the best month for beach photos

September beach portraits

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September good weather for photos

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