Family Portrait Photographers in Bethany Beach

Family Portrait Photographers in Bethany Beach

Welcome to Macpherson Photography. We are Bethany Beach portrait photographers. We serve all of Delaware beaches and Ocean City Maryland. We love serving families and love giving a great photography portrait experience to families on vacation. I want to walk you through our process for a successful family portrait session and what you can expect from the initial contact to the delivery of the photos.

Family Portrait Photographers in Bethany Beach

If you are reading this you are in step one of the process of booking us to take your family portraits. Most of our clients find us online, mostly Google searches. Once a potential client finds us and decides they like our family photography style it is time to contact us. We usually aren’t the only photographer a potential client will contact.

If a client is a normal person they will ask for price lists from a few different photographers around Bethany Beach. This is a great idea. You are able to see the level of service, professionalism, and find the best deal out of some of the best photographers in the area.

Family Portrait Pricing

Family Portrait Photographers in Bethany BeachTo give you some quick information we charge $400 for the sitting fee. We do offer digital downloads as an option and every photo we take is available in the download.

Once a client emails us and asks to see our full price list we respond usually in that same day. Our goal is to respond within minutes of receiving your request. Sometimes it’s not possible to respond that quick bit that is our goal.

This shows that we are responsive and prompt. Photographers and artists have a bad rap for not responding or delivering photos in a timely matter. We want to show you how important you are to our business.

Booking a Photographer

Once you decide on Macpherson Photography as your family photographer and would like to book with us what’s the next step?

We ask where you are staying for your vacation and we work out the logistics.

We do not require a deposit and will put your family on the calendar to hold your day.

Family Vacation, Bethany Beach

It’s finally time for your vacation! We will contact you a few days before your scheduled photo shoot. Or if you have questions you can contact us at any time. We confirm all the details like exact time and place a few days before your scheduled portrait session.

After we photograph your family and everyone has a great time, it takes a few days for your photos to be ready.

We want to be quick and deliver your photos to you in an online gallery by the time you get home from your vacation.

And that is our basic process. We want to make it as easy and relaxing for you as we can. You are on vacation after all. Do we have some hiccups and issues we run into? Yes. But we are always available and work through them with you. Most of the time it’s rescheduling for bad weather.

If you have more questions or would like to see our full price list, use the contact form below. We want to be your family portrait photographers in Bethany Beach!

    Family Portrait Photographers in Bethany Beach