Family Beach Photography in Fort Walton Beach Fl

Family Beach Photography in Fort Walton Beach Fl

The soft beaches and emerald waters of Fort Walton Beach make it one of the top family vacation destinations near Destin Florida. There’s no better place for fun in the sun with the family than Fort Walton Beach. Okaloosa Island also happens to be an amazing location for family beach photography in Fort Walton Beach Fl.

Family Beach Photography in Fort Walton Beach Fl

Let’s talk about our process of photographing families that have babies or toddlers. It can be tough, we know how crazy it is just to get the kids ready. Now to get them corralled and happy for the photos? It seems like an impossible task. We actually specialize in family photos with young kids. Here are a few tricks we use and a few tips you can do to make sure the portraits go smoothly.

How to Prepare Your Toddler For Family Portraits

Preparation is the key. You know your child the best. Make sure the lead up to the photo session is as normal and stress free as possible. If you rush off the beach, rush through dinner, and are stressed and freaking out while getting dressed, the more likely your child will start freaking out as well. Try to keep everything as calm and happy as possible.

Make sure everyone is on schedule and is fed. If you have a hungry child, no amount of tricks and experience from the photographers will help. PLEASE make sure you eat before the shoot. This actually applies to adults as well. Everyone is much more relaxed and not in a rush to get to The Shack for dinner.

Last but not least. If you have a terror of a child (you know who you are) no amount of magic from the photographer will suddenly make your child smile. We see this sometimes where our clients think that by bringing a monster toddler to us that we have some magic solution to make kids turn into angels. We are great with kids but just be warned!

I know I said last but not least on the last point but I wanted to share one more quick tip. Don’t be a helicopter parent. We are professionals we know how to get the natural smiles. You know what makes a kid automatically not want to smile? When parents are all over their kids telling them they have to smile. It’s the worst. Natural half smiles are way better than cheesy fake smiles.

family beach photography in Fort Walton Beach Fl


How we Photograph Families With Small Children

We are about to take you behind the scenes and reveal some of the tricks and things we do to make sure your child has a great experience. If your child is having a great time, it leads to the family having a good time, which leads to amazing photos.

First, we are 100 percent genuine. This may sound weird but kids can smell BS from a mile away. If a photographer deep down doesn’t like kids and toddlers then no amount of pretending to be happy will help. Kids know if people are genuine. The photographer is actually a mirror and the subject will reflect back what the photographer is projecting. This is amplified with kids. When a photographer projects a lack of confidence the subject will feel and look unconfident, if a photographer has a grumpy disposition then the family tends to catch that grumpiness. Having a love for families and kids and being able to naturally have a good time with them is one way we are able to catch those great smiles.

Action. We keep it moving. Kids and toddlers today have shorter attention spans than any time in history. Screens and media promote this, it’s just a fact of life. So we have to be on the move and quick while we photograph your family. It helps keep the kids attention and eyes on the photographer. Each photographer has their own separate style on how they do this. But it is a vital way to keep children’s attention.

Family Portraits

Hopefully you have learned a little about how we like to photograph and if you are looking for family beach photography in Fort Walton Beach Fl you can contact us to see our full price list. Our photo sessions start at $400 for the sitting fee and we do offer all the photos digitally. We can’t wait to hear from you and hope you have an amazing vacation in Fort Walton Beach!

    family beach photography in Fort Walton Beach Fl