Destin Beach Photographers

Destin Beach Photographers

Thanks for visiting Macpherson Photography, Destin Beach Photographers. We are proud to serve the Destin area and provide portraits on the beach all summer long. There’s nothing more fun than hanging out with families on vacation and capturing some great memories.

Let’s talk about the weather. It can get crazy all along 30A. It could be storming like the world is going to end in Grayton Beach and Seaside but a few minutes up 30A Destin Harbor could be Sunshine and fun in the sun. So how do we handle the weather situations and how they affect your portrait session.

Destin Beach Photographers

Destin Beach Photographers

One great thing about the weather in the Destin area is that it changes quickly. Storms can move in and out in a matter of minutes. There is always a chance of storms cropping up. That’s just the nature of the weather in the area.

Stormy Weather in Destin Fl

We always do our best to work with you to make sure we get your family portraits in before or after the weather. Sometimes we will move to a different day if everything works out. But always be aware that the weather could affect the schedule, Especially if there is lightning around. We never mess with lightning.

Sometimes the best time for photos would be right after a storm has passed and the sun is setting through the clouds. It’s hard to catch that perfect moment because a lot of times clients don’t really like sitting around just for a chance that the weather will break. The worst feeling is driving home from Okaloosa Island over Destin Harbor through a beautiful sunset knowing we missed a great opportunity.

Cloudy Dreary Weather in Destin

Yes it does happen! It’s rare but it’s possible that it just is dreary and overcast all day. Don’t freak out! This is actually a great opportunity for some amazing photos. Photographers know that overcast days produce the best soft light for portraits.

The cloudy sky acts as one big soft light source. Everyone has their eyes open and no one is squinting. It may not be the brilliant sunset you were hoping for but the soft pastel colors of the sea on a cloudy day are just as beautiful.

Destin Beach Photographers

Interior designers and painters create whole pallets based off the colors of the seashore on a cloudy day. The soft greens and tans blend together for a beautiful portrait. If you do happen to have your portraits on a cloudy day, try to wear a color that will pop like navy blue, or a pink. Stay away from colors that will blend in like all khaki and tan.

Another good thing a cloudy sky does is keep the crowds out of the local state parks. A few parks we love to photograph at are Grayton Beach State Park, Topsail, and Henderson Beach. When it’s a cloudy day it cuts the crowds way down which gives us even more great locations to choose from when we are running around the parks.

Beautiful Sunsets in Destin

Lastly let’s talk about the gorgeous sunsets that Destin in known for. When you thought about family photos you might have been thinking of a beautiful sunset. However you might not have thought about some of the challenges a great sunset brings with it. Nothing serious but here is something to keep in mind.

Sunsets are late. A true brilliant sunset in the summer doesn’t happen till about 8:45-9. If you have little ones that are used to an earlier bedtime, or even the rest of the family, This might be too late. We believe that if you have decided to pay to have photos taken that it’s worth staying up for. But we know everyone has their own priorities.

Sunset Portrait in Destin Fl

In our opinion there’s nothing better than hanging out in Navarre Beach till dark. That’s what memories are made of. During the summer on the nights we aren’t working or if we have sessions a little earlier in the evening, our family will hang out till it’s dark every weekend. When you live in a beach town you have to take advantage of it right? Especially with kids. That will be an awesome memory as they get older.

Professional Beach Photographers

As Destin beach photographers we’ve seen a lot of different weather situations and aren’t surprised by much anymore. one last thought for you would be to not freak out over the weather. It’s the one thing no one can control. There is no use worrying or stressing over something that’s out of our hands. Keep that stress away! Let’s work together to find the best possible solution and still capture some great family portraits for you!

If you’re staying in Seagrove Beach and we have to move up 30A a few minutes to Miramar that’s not a problem. We just have to be flexible, and lucky for you we are some of the most laid back stress free people you’ll ever meet.

If you have any questions or would like to see our full price list, just use the form and We will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. Can’t wait to hear from you!