The Best Family Photography in Destin Florida

The Best Family Photography in Destin Florida

If you have ever visited Destin you know why it’s one of the most popular family vacation spots in Florida. The clean, white, soft beaches bring families back year after year. The crystal clear water and amazing marine life adds to the beauty and charm of Destin, Florida. If you are looking for the best family photography in Destin Florida, make sure you contact us soon.

The Best Family Photography in Destin Florida

One great thing about planning a family vacation in Destin and trying to find a family photographer is that there are so many great choices. Which is a good thing, the summer vacation season is so busy most photographers book up fast. If you are planning your family vacation and looking for a photographer it’s better to contact one sooner rather than later. The sooner you can get your date booked the better. We have so many families contact us last a minute every year and always have to recommend another photographer because we are already booked.

The Best Locations for a Family Portrait in Destin Florida

There are some amazing and beautiful parks around Destin. The state parks you will have to pay a fee to get into. But most beach accesses are free and the public areas are just as beautiful at sunset. We only photograph in the evening during sunset. It is way too hot and bright during the day to capture family photos. We have a few locations we love to shoot at but usually we’ll pick the closest beach to your location. Anything that makes the process easier for you. It can be tough to get the whole family ready for family photos. We definitely don’t want to add stress and make you drive another 30 minutes for photos. Destin is so beautiful anywhere you go it’s hard not to get a great photo.

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The Best Time for Family Portraits in Destin

This can be a tough one for some families. The best time is right before the sun goes down and through sunset. In the summer this can be 7:30 to 8:30. Sometimes a little later. Families with little ones sometimes have bedtimes at 7:00 to 8:00. keep this in mind when booking a family photographer. We only photograph at sunset so if you’re children have a set bedtime that is earlier it might be better to find a photographer who specializes in that type of photography. We don’t want to give a product that is less than perfect that is why we only photograph during sunset. We used to photograph earlier in the day but we were running into the issue of squinted eyes and harsh light and found that clients weren’t as happy with the end result, even after we explained why we don’t like photographing that early. Trust us, you will be much happier with soft light and open eyes.

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    The Best Family Beach Photography in Destin Florida