Family Photography in Rehoboth Beach De

Family Photography in Rehoboth Beach De

Welcome to Macpherson Photography! We cover all of Delaware beaches and Ocean City Maryland! As you plan your family vacation and look forward to an amazing time visiting Rehoboth Beach, we want to remind you to plan your family photography in Rehoboth Beach De. in advance. Most family photographers have their summers fill up quickly. Beat the rush and schedule ahead of time!

Family Photography in Rehoboth Beach De.

Now that you are looking for a family photographer I want to explain a few aspects of Macpherson Photography that set us apart from other family photographers.

Our sessions are incredibly efficient and extremely laid back and stress free.

Family Photography Session

Ever been on a family photography shoot and it feels like it takes forever? It’s not a fun experience. Sadly this happens a lot in the photography industry. Photographers can get stuck in a photography zone and forget that it’s not just about capturing great photos but it’s also about a great experience. From the time we start walking out to the beach we focus on efficiency. When you are on vacation and the whole family is there it can be tough to have everyone on the same page. We know not every person in your group wants their photos taken. But they bite the bullet and do it anyway for the people who want to hire a photographer. We know this happens and it’s why we focus on efficiency. It’s not uncommon for clients to compliment us on how fast we were able to get all the poses and combinations of family photographed. It also helps when there are small children and toddlers. A quicker pace keeps them involved and hold their attention.

Stress free family photos

After reading that last section about effectiveness and speed you might be thinking that we fly through the session and it’s high energy and stressful. That’s not the case. Not only do we want to move quickly but we focus on having a laid back style and keeping everyone comfortable. Everyone feels better about having a portrait taken if they are comfortable and feel like they are hanging out on the beach. Low key, stress free, just how you would want to feel on vacation.

We photograph in a few different locations on the beach. We will start by the dunes and usually take 15 minutes shooting there. Once the sun goes down and the light gets softer we move to the water’s edge. Everyone has warmed up and is more comfortable and we will do another set of photos. Lastly we will use a lifeguard stand or other prop and then take candids. For the last half hour it’s hanging out and capturing good times.

If you would like more information on prices and scheduling use the contact form below. Our prices start at $400 and yes we offer complete digital files. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully you book us for family photography in Rehoboth Beach De.

    Family Photography in Rehoboth Beach De

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