Family Beach Sunset Portraits in Dewey Beach De

Family Beach Sunset Portraits in Dewey Beach De

Why is sunset the perfect time of day for a family portrait? What makes it perfect for a photo and is it really all that much better than another time of the day. In this post I want to explain why sunset is the perfect time and why it is that much better for a family portrait. We offer family beach sunset portraits in Dewey Beach De. And there’s a reason we always suggest shooting at sunset. Let’s look at why it’s the best time for a photograph.

Family Beach Sunset Portraits in Dewey Beach De

First we have to talk about lighting. It’s the most important aspect of photography. Light is what the whole industry is built around. You cannot have a photo without light. And the camera settings are always constantly adjusted to capture the light. It’s like a game or a balancing act. As a photographer we have to know how to adjust the shutter, aperture, and ISO to make the camera capture the light in a way that is flattering.

The light at sunset is easy to work with and beautiful. It is the perfect ballance to create amazing family portraits. That is the main reason why sunset portraits are the best.

There’s a saying in the photography world that good light beats a good pose or background. Meaning that you can have an average pose and shoot in front of a dumpster and if you have the best light you can capture amazing portraits. Bad lighting will turn a great pose and background into a throw away photo.

There’s a period of time right after the sun sets below the horizon called the golden hour. Every photographer knows exactly what you are talking about if you ask about the golden hour. Try to schedule your family portrait around this time.

Here are a few other reasons to consider sunset for your family portrait. They aren’t as important as great light, but they do help.

Beaches Are Less Crowded at Sunset

This is just a common sense reason why sunset is better. There are very few people on the beach. As a photographer we love this. We can pretty much have any backdrop we want. It’s so much easier to photograph when there aren’t hundreds of people in the background.

In our opinion evening through sunset is the best time to hang out on the beach. Most people on vacation have dinner plans so you will see the beach empty around 5:30. Everyone has to go get ready for dinner. This leads into my next point.

Sunset is After Dinner

Ever try and deal with your family when everyone is hungry? It’s not a good experience. Scheduling your portrait session before dinner is asking for trouble. Half the group will be easily annoyed from being hungry and the other half will be rushing to get back home for dinner. Combine that with just average lighting and it’s much are to capture an amazing portrait.

Sunset Portraits are Closer to Bedtime

A lot of families with small kids and toddlers balk at the sunset session. In the summer the sun doesn’t really set till about 8:15. Our latest session starts at 7:30. Most families have an earlier bedtime for the kids. One great thing about having the kids running around on the beach at 8:00 is that when you get back to the house they zonk out.


You might be thinking that you kids are crazy when they are tired and are harder to handle. Honestly we don’t mind and as long as they aren’t screaming crying they tend to be just overly excited and hyper. This leads us to capturing some great shots. It’s harder to have a child open up to a stranger than it is if they are already hyped up. So don’t worry about the late bedtime, you can deal with it for one night.

Booking Your Sunset Portrait

Our sunset portrait sessions start at 7:30. That way right as we are finishing up we hit great lighting. We plan an hour for our session but depending on the size of your group we usually end earlier. Our average size family we photograph is 12-15 people. Grandparents + their kids families. We are very efficient and can run through a lot of poses and combinations quickly. If you would like more information on our family beach sunset portraits in Dewey Beach De. Use the contact form below and we will get back to you asap. Our sitting fee is 400 and we do offer all digital files for a very reasonable price.