Family Beach Portraits in Fenwick Island

Family Beach Portraits in Fenwick Island

Family portrait studio in Fenwick Island

Fenwick island is the perfect getaway location for a family vacation. A tiny town on the coast of Delaware, Fenwick Island has everything for a perfect relaxing family vacation. A lighthouse, state park, local shopping, and a quiet beach. We get why Fenwick Island is a destination for many families. The laid back style of Fenwick is perfect for our style of portrait photography. When you are planning your vacation don’t forget to look into our family beach portraits in Fenwick Island.

Family Beach Portraits in Fenwick Island

There are a few main differences in portraits from the studio to the beach. It’s a totally different style of photography. Many families know there’s a difference but don’t quite realize just how different it actually is. I want to explain a few of the main things you need to know before having your family portraits taken on the beach.

Studios Have Controlled Lighting

Controlled light in a studio is complete. We control every aspect of light. When we go out site we are cutting out a lot of the lighting control we have. There is so much more light bouncing around outdoors that it is much harder to control. We recommend sunrise or sunset. Not only can we capture great scenic backgrounds but the light is not as strong and we have more control.

Family Beach Portraits in Fenwick Island

If you are thinking about have portraits taken in the afternoon or the middle of the morning that is a bad idea. You will not like the outcome. There are so many things that are working against having a great portrait. The brightness is magnified on the beach. There is no shade and you have 2 huge reflectors magnifying the sun, the beach and the water. No one will be able to open their eyes, and it will be extremely hot. The beaches are still full of families enjoying the beach weather so the background will be full of people. Stick with sunset for your family portraits, you’ll be glad you did.

Weather On the Beach

The weather can be different hour by hour. The beaches usually have a breeze that can pick up. When you see examples of family portraits you never see the effects of the wind. It’s easy to forget that you will have to deal with the wind while you are taking a portrait.

Don’t fret though we have taken many family beach portraits in Fenwick Island, we know how to deal with the breeze. But keep it in mind when you are planning your hairstyle. If you are straightening your hair or have a style that is long and flowing, it might get a bit crazy. Don’t expect it to be perfect and calm during your family portrait session. It’s the beach and is normally breezy.

Bugs and Gnats

Make sure you bring your preferred bug spray. If you do get lucky and have a nice calm evening with no breeze you will have to deal with the bugs. For some weird reason the bugs don’t bother the locals but they LOVE vacationers from out of town. Better to be prepared with some bug spray!

If you have any questions about our family beach portraits in Fenwick Island use the contact form below. Our sitting fee is $400 and yes we offer complete digital downloads. Contact us today to see if your dates are still available and to see our full price list.

    Family Beach Portraits in Fenwick Island